Passwords, Forgetfulness And Solutions

What is my password again?” This phrase has been repeated so many times by just about everyone who uses various software for either work or play. It is frustrating, it is time consuming, it can even cause loss of income (sometimes) or missing out on an event due to critical data not being easily accessed at a very important point in time. Let us face it: we are human, and being human means making mistakes and forgetting stuff. It’s all part of life. We understand this here at Technology Tamers, but instead of just accepting it and moving on with the mindset of “business as usual” or “that’s just the way it is”, we have looked for solutions to help minimize or possibly eliminate these sort of situations. As we usually do, here are some solutions to this modern day issue:


Tricks for Remembering – so in setting up a password, we are usually given the following advice

  • Ensure that it has 12 characters, minimum
  • Include numbers, symbols, capital and lower-case letters
  • No obvious dictionary or combination of dictionary words
  • No obvious substitutions

However, it isn’t all that hard to create such a password. A simple random typing of keys on the keyboard can do the trick. The problem is memorizing the password. So here is a solution: use a passphrase, which is a password that involves multiple words. Mind you, this is where you have to be nonsensical. Example: red beats tie frogs. Doesn’t make sense now does it? But I’m sure you’re finding it easy to remember it the more you say it right? All that is needed now is to apply one of the above mentioned advice aspects and you’re good to go! (example:Redbeatstiefrogs1). There is another method of creating a secure password. It is called ‘Diceware’ and can be followed through this comprehensive process found here. (Note: a little lengthy in reading but worth it)


Use Software to Help You – there are a number of ‘password manager’ software that can be used to not only generate a password for you, but also save said password in a secure vault. We would like to advise to NOT utilize the built in internet browser password managers. (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera just to name a few). We WILL advise to use the following password manager software (Note: these are just a few out of the many great ones out there) :

With robust security features, these type of softwares will aide you in having secure passwords that are easily retrievable.


With these few aspects, you should be experiencing from now on less of those “What’s my password again?” moments. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page!


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