When Technology Frustrates

Why doesn’t this thing work properly?!! What is wrong with my phone?! Why is my laptop freezing?! All too common issues that those of us, with technological device that we may posses, encounter. What do you do?! As much as we here at Technology Tamers love dealing with your device issues, there are some things, simple things, that you can do to see if you can rectify the issues, as well as alleviate your frustration. (By now you should realize we love to assist with info as much as we love to fix your stuff for you) Here are some simple solutions:


  • Close those apps – when it comes to your tablet, phone, laptop or desktop system, each and everyone of these devices use software to make them functional. Since they are designed to operate more than one software at the same time (well…that’s in simple terms because it technically doesn’t for some of them), you will always have at any given time a minimum of at least five (5) software running. So when you are experiencing serious ‘lag’ or ‘sticking’, the first thing you should look to do is see what “apps” (short for applications) are running on your device and close them. For android phones and tablets you can check out the steps here. For Apple phones and tablets, check here. And for your laptop or desktop system, check here.
  • Restart that Device! – the next step you can take is to restart your device. What that does is to actually ‘flush’ the device of various ‘clutter’ (for the sake of simplicity we will describe it as such) so that when you restart, it has a clean slate to work with.
  • Battery Removal and Replacement – although a restart does clear your device of various stuff, the battery is still in, which gives the device power to keep certain functional processes stored in memory. Removing the battery for a small amount of time helps to clear the memory of storing these processes, which thereby causes it to be effectively cleaned. In doing that, when you replace the battery and power it back on, the system now starts back in a default state concerning the processes,
  • Call your Technician – and when all of the above mentioned solutions do not work, contact your favorite technician, or get in contact with one (preferably Technology Tamers of course).


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