2017 – In The Face Of Adversity

We can all agree (although there may be those specially blessed ones) that 2016 was a tough year. In Trinidad we have had many losses, many a setback, quite a few disappointing times. Technology Tamers has also been affected negatively. 

However, we are back at it, ready for yet another year. Ready for YOU our customers (new and recurring). And this is what we have planned for all:


  • Mobile Classes – of course you should know that we love technology. And we want to ensure that as much individuals, in as broad an age range, can understand and utilize technology in some form or fashion. Hence we are going to offer classes geared towards those who are 45 years upward. Stay tuned for more information
  • Automation Services – showing you how to automate your business/processes to make your life just a bit more easier. You would be surprised as to how we can implement such
  • New and Improved Website – we will be bringing our new and improved website to you soon!
  • Even more Relevance to You – the feedback we have gotten concerning our blogs, shows us that we have been doing something right. You guys have been appreciative of the information that we have been sharing. We plan to continue doing such, with up-to-date, relevant technological information just for you!
  • Specials – We actually enjoy giving you all specials. And more are on the horizon! Stay tuned!
  • Simply Free – Don’t you love free stuff? We know we do. So look out for stuff like this within this year 2017


Our contact information remains the same. Contact us via:



You can email us at info@techtamerstt.com



Message us through our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/technologytamers/

And of course, if you need your technological device to be ‘tamed’ give us a shout in the following manner:

Call or Whatsapp

Contact numbers are 1-868-222-2586 or 1-868-397-3786. You can call us at the following time periods:


Monday – Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Friday 8:30am to 2:30pm

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