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Hey! You guys alright? We hope so. As promised in our last newsletter (yes….it has been a little while now), we bring to you our MOBILE TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS & CLASSES! Starting from the month of June, we are bringing to you all our first Mobile Technology Workshop:


Optimize Your Professional Life – Mobile Technology


We know that a lot of you all are professionals and as a professional, regardless of your field of occupation, a smartphone has become almost a necessity by default. Yet it is important to maximize the use of said device for your benefit, and this is why we are offering this workshop! So! This is the info that you need to know concerning the workshop:

Location: Barataria Regional Complex (check out the map below for directions)

Time: 9:00am – 11:00am

Date: June 6th 2017

Cost: $200.00

In ADDITION to our workshop, we are happy to present to you our New and Improved Website: Technology Tamers. Change is constant so you will be seeing improvements to the website as time progresses.


  • Mobile Classes
  • New and improved Website
  • Automation Services
  • Even more Relevance to You
  • Specials
  • Simply Free

Two items down, more to complete. Of course we will keep you posted


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