Mobile Technology Workshops & Classes

Hey! You guys alright? We hope so. As promised in our last newsletter (yes….it has been a little while now), we bring to you our MOBILE TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS & CLASSES! Starting from the month of June, we are bringing to you all our first Mobile Technology Workshop:   Optimize Your Professional Life – Mobile Technology Read more about Mobile Technology Workshops & Classes[…]

When Technology Frustrates

Why doesn’t this thing work properly?!! What is wrong with my phone?! Why is my laptop freezing?! All too common issues that those of us, with technological device that we may posses, encounter. What do you do?! As much as we here at Technology Tamers love dealing with your device issues, there are some things, Read more about When Technology Frustrates[…]

Passwords, Forgetfulness And Solutions

“What is my password again?” This phrase has been repeated so many times by just about everyone who uses various software for either work or play. It is frustrating, it is time consuming, it can even cause loss of income (sometimes) or missing out on an event due to critical data not being easily accessed Read more about Passwords, Forgetfulness And Solutions[…]